Frequently Asked Questions

When is my annual fee due?

Renewal fees are due in May of each year.

I have joined in August, how much would be my membership fee?

Membership fees for new members may be prorated. If you have any question, please see “Who to contact” section for contact information.

How do I pay my annual fees?

The annual fee can paid by online using Paypal.
Please click on the button below to pay via paypal.
Alternatively, you can pay by cheque. Your cheque should be payable to “Green Connections Network”, and can be paid in person at a monthly meeting, or it can be mailed to:¬†Patty Ella, PME Management Solutions Inc, 5835 18th Sideroad, Schomberg, ON L0G 1T0

How do I offer promotions to GCN members?

Any promotions to Green Connections members can be offered during one of the monthly meetings, posted on the website or featured in our bi-monthly newsletter.
For contact information for posting on the website or newsletter, please see “Who to contact” section.

How do you I what events GCN is participating in?

All events will be announced via email and/or newsletter, Green Connection Facebook page and listed on the website.

How do I register for an event?

The registration details will be listed in the email/newsletter announcement, GC Facebook page.
For contact information for registeration please see “Who to Contact” section.

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